Sword Of Mirror Point

Crossing finish lines even if I have to crawl

Learned waiting for an escort is wrong

Own transportation available I’ll stop falling for standing still

Check emotions

Fire being controlled yet slippery

Enemies manipulate such energy easily when allowed

Walking through hell getting spit on with acid

To an unknown reason greater than self

Death life revealed unsealed meanings peeled fully decoded

So um don’t fear killers of bodies fear killers of minds

Controlling hordes without effort at all times

Puppet string hands involved with everything

Voice behind yelling until nonsense wins

Many roads even more woods possibilities should be understood instead of hesitation

Breaking my laziness walls soiled contradictory spills

Cognitive dissonance smell skid marks around change speed factor in denial

Cutting nets carefully

Keeping fragments together until puzzle piece movements bring pleasure

Radar indicates all directions falsely reported

Shorted vital information goal controlled operation

Sunglasses hiding eyes of glossy recipients

Already walking dead no cure instead life on run running

Survival from many sides

Shelters vandalized

Once strong now dead fires compromised

Crossing finish lines instead of being a victim

Sword of mirrors before I strike.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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