Protesting against unmovable feeling machines

Swearing our efforts are blessed in dissecting enemy arguments any other efforts are futile

They should see how ignorant following the other label is

Our emotionally charged examples should convert defective sinners

Two choices boi didn’t think you’d be so silly standing on the other side of perfect knowledge

Only two doors baby and yours doesn’t led to our holy mascot’s right hand

Better of two evils is the best you’ll get in a worldwide cleansing event.


Maybe you’ll see how wrong you’ve been once we turn on passive aggressiveness

Maybe you’ll convert after we yell then cry into your sad malfunctioning ears

Rapid fire insults until you realize your team is delusional unlike ours

Binary options and anyone against me is off

I’ll protest the sun

Whenever my mob rule group think emotional manipulation operating system wants.


If you don’t agree we’ll call you blind toilet paper brain washed away with shit

Facts don’t mean facts plus you better not be seen trying to understand our enemies

Ready to sacrifice our rights proving we should get our rights or shut this whole prison planet down

Patented distractions, for either misguided faction, expose any fallacies, okay now you’re making fun of me

Labeled racist, sexiest or biased, anything to discredit disqualify an end to well crafted emotional manipulation programing.


We’ve told you our unverifiable statistics on repeat gotta love humans refusal to investigate

Your murderers will smile big pridefully like we’ve taught them to

We say fight the system while systematically implementing dead ends

In the end on the last road is where they’ll see our commentators applauding success.


Got everyone you know running with scissors

Marks incoming, recipients willing to sign souls over for an imaginary revenge

Labels for every forehead tattoo your team choice now either up or down as straightforward results in zombie embassador grievances

You are your own end see you’ve been waiting all this test driven life for

Application easy and our burden is so light JUST KEEPING STIRRING.


If you don’t agree we call you blind toilet paper, brain washed away with shit

If you figure us out find zombies dispatched to devour surely you’ll be dead in a matter of hours oh we know how to cause your end.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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