Tuning Changes

Think I won’t change stay tuned

Formulated a new beginning watch a loser start winning

Come or move aside

Intergalactic hip thrusting in motivation

Maybe scriptures from years of discovery will apply

Anywhere people refuse to lie

Mission fuck life tell how it was spent when you’ve died

Did you slaughter for trees converted to green paper

Help your brothers and sisters of various races as a human savior

Labels irrelevant they don’t get it

Maybe we can explain it

Poetic verses healing alms blessed aliments

More precious than gold

Karma cycles with peace opposite of cold

Think I won’t change for nirvana

Worry about your account

Successful here doesn’t translate to lists at lesson gate

Paid for with sacrifice of saving lives

Unlike current mindsets of burn ’em all watch ’em all die

Curiosity in these changes

Opened cages in season we’re breathing before blizzards

Manipulation rampant infestations of blackouts

Why critically think instead of running autopilot recommendations

Hands up exposed as laziness

Drinking newer holy water purification intense

Instead of Zoloft I use crayons being childish coloring a page if you allow it

Humbleness shows fellow team members

Suddenly change formulas

What they are doing isn’t working is it?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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