The Owner

Doing this one for the owner

Instead of waiting for external components

Do this life from inside forgetting how they tried mental murder

Left for dead special infected all I’ve heard of

Spiritual warfare unlike how it’s told

Gotta lose yourself to find better

Many never find fame or money

Not the point although money is nice

Placed at this time to give life

Even if it costs my own but I want to end it on my own tone

Already know

Ain’t gonna die in a rocking chair

Might as well fight for pioneers it’ll be relevant

More understood after the violent noises bright flashes

Keeping eyes open sitting with fellow masters


The one you’ve been looking for isn’t me

Or some hateful guy in a suit barely able to breathe

Child it is you

Programming to stop realization

Somewhat defective detected life intersection

Where do we want to go

Anywhere other than told

Feeling dissent when attempts fail under their control

Detecting something off



From the owner

Think more emotions are used against us daily

Weaknesses known we’re already behind

Catching up, desperation in new propaganda seen

Good job team apply more pressure

Unify then the enemy loses control of his many levers

This isn’t skin color or resources

This is control for security and comfort

Rise up and find your power in education

More bizarre policies as power intensifies

Thought it was one way but we’re in deep

Infestations everywhere and most people don’t care

Step out of line become noted

Signal amplification requested you’ll forget anything important

Therefore the owner steers if you allow

Your power and its know-how

The same one in three

Pinch of holy books true seasoned recipe

Feeding the real instead of temporary

Play dumb if approached

Many lives encroacher encroached

Buried whenever convenient

In your own garden

Saying in your own mind

You’ll never know freedom

Never know

Owner has the keys

Well, open the door otherwise

You’ll never know freedom

You’ll never know.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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