No Boat Needed



Rise up

Cancel excuses

Instead of

Leaning hard

Friend or burden

Is my life your canvas

Erasable at your leisure

Can’t start over

Can’t pretend I wasn’t hurt

Become better

Without cueing a spotlight

Get right to be right

Improvement and confidence.


Can’t be honest

Honestly they don’t like it

Hold back how I really feel

Feel like telling it

Easier to drift up and away

Balloon tactics

Tactics because golden rule never followed

Anger and angry spit swallowed

I’m imperfect too

Reduced footprint to stay new

Wearing out welcomes sad

Sadly driving a brother like an escort to a destination bad

How can I come across without being cross

Humans are fickle

Hate trusting ending up in a pickle

Relish they do when I get sick

So daily I remind myself humans feces waste shit


Trying improvement

Moving instead stagnant desires.


Best we can get is almost complete

Puzzle piece solution

It’s not hard finding suitable resolutions

Always about creating our own world

Own virtual machine

Resources from main system resources

Universe ocean scene

Final test

Walking on lapping water in troubled seas

Unafraid of unknown unknowns

Come to me and we’ll look for every lighthouse

Best we can do

Embrace our walk to death.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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