Funeral Complaint

Don’t complain about darkness

When you never cared for the light

Embrace your peace

Finally free from pretending,

Books burned

Words buried in fire

Better never to read then see

Stern face without love,


Empty pages to hold

Correct reading level

For sleeping friends.


You’re here

I’ve never seen you make love to a bookmark

Sticking it in to remember

So I ignore you

Just like chapters you refuse

Laughing when I hear unity

When they walk away I’m not flashy enough

Doors shut down


Empty pages to hold

Correct reading level

For sleeping friends.


Counted on mud for stability

Silly me applying trust incorrectly

Get me it was wasted hope

Never do it again I’m married to fine pens to cope

Before I drive off last sunset I get pushing goodbye notes

Punching liars immediately when they quote after death

Alive it wasn’t important enough to connect

Sure I could have wrote like you said

Bitches clothes and money I’ve never wed

Gotta flash lies to advertise win popularity

Sorry I’m going to die unwanted Mr tooth cavity

Savagely beating my chest at unrest

And yeah I should hide all of my effort ghosting everyone eases stress

Honey I’m the best kind of broken

Spilled all over feelings you couldn’t speak until I reached

Taste now improved fully unique

Maybe it’s dirt from our funeral’s painting

Waiting anticipating settling further underground to be born again

Until then, they better not complain.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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