It doesn’t care for this area, these containers, evident by confusion

Placed on test run planet abandoned

Clues hidden from sight but here’s a shovel yeah

I’ve been digging baby, hit some power lines

Shocked when I returned to current time

We’re fighting over one percent of real issues, sky misused

Banished, hope vanished, barely manageable

Submarine depression, underneath surfaces waiting patiently

Uncared for

We’re so lost

Tell us what role we play

Each and every punishing abandoned day

Life a test of endurance no one can say


Left without any instructions but survive until death


I wonder if I should jump ahead

Interacting with everyone like maybe all this is a test to see if I’ll jump


More than robocalls

Important information recording


Seen angels

Spoken tongues

Baptist breakdancing in church helps no one

Earnest prayers coated in tears

Still violated severely

All to the greater good

While I hate myself

Annoyed with this deal

Locked in tight but sleeping pills question grip

Accept programing but it never sticks

Outbursts, holy lies always want full purse

Any earnings dedicated

Blessed to be poor rather than wealthy

Is this what they are telling me


Working someone’s vision nine hours

Hopes to die with adequate funding

Out of bounds, lies and lines stay running

Underneath all my masks

Tears stream, no buffering, fake laughs

Known since mother died without assistance

It doesn’t care for this area

Doesn’t care for my laymen poetry

Never wanted to know me

Number 247909127



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