Grunge To Edmond

I love you but it means nothing

Same old excuses and I’m weak

Splashing heavily to no avail

Got out, I’m changed, flirting with endings

She gives me hope with cold hands on my slippery throat

I’m going somewhere appreciation shown in every quote

Replace these temporary days with stability

Fuck these bills end my liability

Your god never wanted me

Mother didn’t want me

Father apathetic so mention my name he’ll forget it

As for partnership it doesn’t exist

Answers to my sick soul in slit wrists

Or shall a one bullet train become my bliss

Counted everything I have, fell short

Food, weed, sex, inadequate support

Bad crutches will abandon me in court

Sleeping pills or snorted rat poison portions

I’m erect, morbid, picking my poison

Done writing on dry erase moments

So happy but nothing changes

Even when I do.

Tell me no, I’m rejected, tell it to my face before I’m placed in nothing.

I love you too.

Tried for us and failed us too.

Built for failure.

Built for loss.

Unheard broken thoughts and goddamn I tried placing them together.

My hell a mirror.

A plain body length mirror.

I’m worthless to everyone and it’s time to stop pretending I can be saved.

I’m coming.

Let hot tar sin pour from feeble eyes as mocking tears

Never been

Never will be

Can’t let this

Can’t let this go on

It’s calling me

And I’ll reply to everyone how I’m just fine

While picking a perfect time


Can’t outrun truth

And I’ve been wasting everyone’s precious moments.

One thought on “Grunge To Edmond

  1. Your well-being is appreciated
    believe in heart and in your soul
    the wrong kind of help & support
    can dig deeper that black hole
    Thank God you can see through
    donโ€™t get involved in that cajole
    keep learning about good support
    studying and revising the scroll
    one day you will find the real truth
    to beat depression, secrets untold.


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