Chapter Five Features Demolition

Hidden header

Further down than a footnote

Drink with me under heavily used bridges

Liquid shots until bullets

Are we really stuck in passive aggressive quicksand

Completely damned

Loved ones hurting more than helping

We feel used and tired

Both inspired to play in rush hour traffic

Fifth time around and we’re going to do it

Hidden writings to no one

Cut off completely damned

So fucking tired of this role

We were gonna tweet but no one cares

Want to ask for help find only razors listening aware

Cut us out of life.

Laughing while crying, lost

Dragging out intense torture isn’t helping anyone

We’ll write the best poems of our lives

Candles extinguished

Best part of it all, no further questions

They’ll cry or cheer

We’ll become unmarked graves

Same as now.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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