Butter With Terrible Aftertaste

Blossoming beauty in surrender

Calm as rain falls in assigned places

Maybe I’ll change this dreadful destination

But I feel like a hypocrite abandoning this abandoned shell after promising participation

Dirt had a plan for me it’s not so easy to see down the rabbit hole

Pretty pens broken in half sprinkled on my name

Better make sure this table is open gonna eat until full without shame

Excuse me this isn’t where I wanted to be seated

Mistreated like we all are my systems overloaded with error messages I guess it is it

It is what it is

Huh I’ll take my worthlessness transform it to give gifts before I off and split

Bursting with hope

Until I realize nothing changes and I’ve been here before stripped naked beating shower walls and floor

Seen the storm coming fucking tired of always running for cover

Subjected to elements now

Laying down praying for understanding and wisdom from an elegantly designed mental prison

Baby I’ve got my hits written over concrete walls covering blood

I’m one of a kind? Nice. Still given love as warm as ice

Bitch I’ve buttered bread in-between lines to keep sanity invested

As you’ve guessed translation not as easily digested

Banned from conversations from my flesh family

Stranger pioneer danger because I question all

Only five feet seven born with bigger dragon balls

Wishes to you and yours while I lay pathways

May you survive to the promise land unafraid.

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