Carton Of Smokes

Comfortable caves claim another when the stay

Can’t challenge anything at least I know these walls

Stay with me

Absolutely not I better go now gotta leave

Safer in familiar rooms

Relax and go out, return with anything

Roles stretching thin, loose.


I’ll find forward after heading off

Comfortable graves kill many

Easier to stay here and accept whatever happens

Reach out grabbing narrow glimpses

Which pathway does your ending call to

Buried coins in cold dirt or test drive spending actions for a lifetime

Rip yourself from sleepytime web

Comfortable graves seduce

Inaction freely sucking opportunity dry

Multiple peaks pass

Blame games persist.


Up in smoke, a carton of regret one hundreds

Can’t see any error here so I’m gonna drink some ice cold delusion

At least I know these walls

Fine when you punish me good

Wrong when I expose your closets.

I used to smoke that brand but I’ve switched to try again lights

Choose vault life no fallout stay forever even if I die above I did and will do better

Can’t be convinced of adventure

Frozen in fear coated in anger my kiss can’t melt such ice.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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