Lost My Shit

We are water

Fitting into cylinders


Transfer easily



Maybe I’ll change suddenly

Never know



No I see

Sometimes I forget

Battle not against flesh

Behind this programing

Gatekeepers keep up


Stir all up


Emotions are saddles

Being ridden

Off conclusion cliff

Finally understood

Lost my mind my shit.


Open this season

Fire to procrastination

Hoping for full recovery

Damaged via self-destruction

Skill high

Blindspots ignored

Focus needed

Better make it home this time

Got triumph waiting

Even a failed attempt action

Better than weightless words

I’m writing water walks

Faith in works moving

We are water

Into whatever cylinder

Into whatever shape

We prefer pouring ourselves

Lost myself in fuckery

Blamed everyone in misery

Cut my own flesh sinister release

Murdered my dreams



Can’t stay frozen

Solid efforts


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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