Dismantled Promptly

It’s hard with no place to go

No faces happy to see at front doors

Do for them and get used unless you have something become old news

You know it, emotional storms burn blindspots with falling from the sky

Hope dismantled love pushed promptly aside

Yeah those kind of tears rip flesh behind skin

Operation forever changed won’t let anyone else in

My fault for expecting an even exchange

Clearly my thoughts of you far from any positive emotional range

So I’m smoking while wiping tears from a dummy’s eyes

Looking in the mirror enraged swearing no more cries

It’s hard to go


Blindfolded voluntarily until a few moments ago

Teeth grinding I’ve been hugging stupidity opposite of a foe

Sinster grin and it’s getting dark again must guard my mind from incoming feelings using wicked dealings

Imagine being held prisoner by yourself trying quickly to deceive for keys but can never be pleased

Good luck dodging traps and concrete justifications eliminating any low level attempts

You know it, burns when it falls from apathetic skies

Wicked web we weave I’ll be taking my leave

Better restart because we’re freezing up

But it’s hard to go.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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