Thicker Ink In A Writer’s Hue

Published in soul

Read from mind down

Down to toes back around mouth

Goosebumps came out,

When it harmonizes inside

Read something so right

So write,

Influenced by the darkest light

Cursed or blessed splashed ink

Shattering sounds words before I thought to think


In my petty glory I feel so foolish

Time capsule for incoming rulers



This some expletive we wrote before the pens throats were cut.


Published in soul

Installed for conquering fear or arrogance they sneak into lenses

Stay grounded high with me

No artificial chemicals your brain hitting switches on discovery

Riding, free

Free minds ride and explore

Water refreshment promoting healing boosted gains

Battling erasers or delete monsters for your medicine

Peak behind the wallpaper

Before it becomes sealed forever.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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