Garbage Post: Thrones

Terrified sweat, you could have done better dare not ask where, dodging rebukes, I’ve wasted time don’t rub it in sore eyes

Shadows of our parents trying, some better than others however all subject to flaws and fathers as well if you cannot tell

Promises for taking yolks with easy burdens so incorrect running into stipulations even after wearing my best

Is this court about looks automatically on the hook papers preprocessed court date prebooked

Never meant for freedom and at least we still can breathe isn’t living but what creator gives away damns for free energy costs nothing is free

See I already paid, you owe it to me.

I’ll set you free.


Speculation and gambling with death threats in-between rambling with finger in the air hats on both sides

Hopeful for dancing to at least we’re not those guys underneath being broiled yeah I know right.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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