Garbage Post: Planets & Bullets

Try it but I know you know better

Go ahead say it but I know you know better

Insult me end up hated

I always come prepared destroying false statements

Don’t need your efforts

Never requested your presence

You should know better and you do,

Clueless to why mirrors bring terror

Via eyes unable to translate

Real meaning of pearly gates

Mouth start running always last place late

Try me but I promise you’ll never regenerate such losses

Everyone claiming to be boss bosses

Me I just want to take pioneers through classes

I’ve been killed in my mind countless times various hazards

Priced bullets literally meant for my hurting heart and mind

Thought I could see only to fail failing out of line

So they say.


Trying to save your feet, here’s my map of mistakes

Poetry of greats.


I’ve got planets covered under aloof living fickle with proper energy giving

But I burst fire alone to provide sample blueprints for mobile homes that’s your mental on the go finally able to know stability

Perhaps unbalance is a mystery to systems built to withhold so please behold weird ones guides poles.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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