Collected A Few Balloons

One desk lamp in our stars for me


Balloon to anywhere

You’ve been

Calling on silent

But I’m home now

So I’ll get you

Changes felt

Pushing through my long nap

Unaware of power through presence

Sensing more than I’ve seen

However green

I’m challenged to try

Even if they laugh opportunities arise

Swear rewards before death calling

One string up


Calling my hands antenna

Up further than before

Fuse with unseen importance


Line to line

Connection with powerfully packed glimpses return

From government sandwiches during summer to saving souls

Not for any gods, not for me, for themselves

Go, thoughtfully think

Check, verify

Line to line

One string up or down

Line by line


Ladder steps

In awe of poetry bursts of pleasure rewiring pathways into unique movements

Anything better than self-destruction if unnecessary here away from defeat between wide ruled notebook canvas

Slowly rising

Validation hidden in a forgotten safe

Combination flashing through posts

Balloon to look over it all

Finally unable to play how I want

Aim how I want

Writing it

Plate by plate.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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