Basket All In

All in you my hopes high

Levels of happiness plus plain still we discovery new forests

Stay for months then move on growing towards death a proper ending

Together or alone meanwhile make a nice shelter call it home

Checking pressure boundaries and devotion for landing strips

All access granted likewise in my base like to throw deceptive looks via face

Embrace misplaced and I forget the good momentarily

Working on it finally silent alone fine tuning activated beauty in continuing what if exploration

Bubble bath together to vent a little kiss a lot after all this time still can’t stop

Think about you everyday in daydreams too sitting under strong trees in fall reading books

Oh those sensual words touches and looks Mr. Krabs warned me, the hooks, the hooks

All in you my hopes high

They say I shouldn’t expect anything to prevent disappointment

Easier said then done for hurt hearts gotta know where proper lines stop

Over time erasing only to add pretending to be okay when really mad

Thinking with critical tools before reactions unlike when stress almost kept us captives

Maybe it’s too much but I’m stubborn and silly putting all in one basket but so far all wonderful

Even in unexpected snow storms or heavy rains affection growing deeper love roots exceedingly you and me.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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