Kissy Cake Faces

Better for long term commitment

No greater alternative than you

Hinting around explicit words

Giving signals, maybe we can run with this making losers around here pissed

Because I treat lovers right if they treat me right and so do you

It’s better for long term kisses under covers or on lakes

If we fix every mistake we’ll turn greedy having fun and I’ll eat your cake

Raspberry emoji


If you like giggling in bed while it rains

Snoring in your ear because I’m comfortable

Popping balloons exposing confetti and when ready freestyle battles

Spanking ass with plastic paddles hop upon the saddle riding to unforgettable moments

Kissy cake faces over smooth jazz

Because I’m interested in your future

Heart eyes emoji


Pancakes and joyful noises

Touching and rubbing including moaning

Something about you brighter than most

Moth to flame Janet Jackson voice

Quick wit yeah open mind be the all important catalyst

Cuddle dessert

Silly dance expert

Better for long term.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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