Broken Teeth Doors

Humans, self destructive

Cashing in, bloody temporary justifications, funding hate savings account


I was dreaming, of solutions

Made me a joke, owner of an unworthy life

After thousands of swallowed bandaids, I’ve learned

Save yourself first then gather anyone willing to listen

Most just want more gasoline in pits of fire


Don’t give your love away

Pearls given to swine

Almost died from an unwise surrender

Mirrors display your gods and enemies

Stop giving everything away without questioning


So now I, walk part zombie part awake

Watching, human behavior, why do we do what we blame others for

Responsibility god

Error filled justification god of lies


Hard to hear so bring hate

Easier to refuse to listen

So I feel alive when I’m understood between her shoulders and legs

Even more so when I’m alone in quiet space

Reality focused, is this why we aren’t allowed solitude?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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