Greatest Us Remembered These Days

Attitudes appear offshore coming close with great speed and usually delayed entirety by weed

Sizing goals up and trying to change each other until we learn how to live correctly and it anyways seems defensive reactions interject lots of lately

Never say your name lip spilling uncooked thoughts unworthy of foundation access embarrassing emotions tossed in public

Wake up offended thinking I’m a pitiful passive aggressive attacker prone to being in a mood nerve racker

Gathering worlds for dismissal speak carefully words scrutinized assumed to be incoming missiles sirens howling far from a loud whistle

Twisted reactions let’s restart this shit getting back to ourselves it cleanses pride as our assumptions and expectations dissipate then we’ll cooperate

Formula needed bright spots among darkness multiplying in every area and surely causing hysteria

Love you completely behind doors lick deeply discreetly opposite of neatly and yeah I love eye contact with lights on sex preferred sweetly

Drooling and snoring on our pillows dreaming about you.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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