Butterscotch Clips

Remember no one makes it out alive scary to continue more than to die

Writing scriptures in dirty red robes selecting hiding places while still in control

Before killings in different excuses think outside the box find it not mutual

Wasting youth away on anxiety taught self-destruction if too resistant

Wasting wisdom in cardboard arguments meant to stall for all at least most while arrogance stops their feet

Believe real matters backstab on tear soaked deathbed sheets everything we fight for simply gone via delete uniquely poisonous yet sweet minds disappear style neat

Butterscotch disc while lies twist risks behind scenes dumbass zombies arguing over brand name jeans I was born to disrupt corrupt fiends


Buried underneath lights of your city harm multiplies without any pity we scream goodbye paralysis thinking of when we die

Wrapped up in toys fancy illusions mental health losing government prescribed pills next stay consuming

Support your country

Educated few witnessing horror unlike anything seen until tomorrow I have my own lyrical ammunition and no you cannot borrow

Why do I feel empty on my antidepressant refuse to swallow it to wake up before my ending writing secret lines papered for sending

I’m a street level warrior sent with tools for blending in witnessing how disgusting humans can get when responsibility unchosen they forget previous failed attempts eager to hit harder leaving dents

No matter the affiliation shit don’t make sense however rest assured there’s dollars and cents for our capitals.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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