Poem: Spilled Feelings On Her Poem

Hiding behind wet paper, cut it out, tell me what you want

I’m a simple man it’s true, not in intelligence but in what I desire from you

Easy when empathy reigns, golden rule blood flows internally leaving stains

Time is shorter than my height, ask away or I may leave without any warning in the night

How are you so scared of me?

Honey I’m shaking and sweating when you’re around.

One because I want you so, the other reason is usually this goes nowhere.

I’m the scared one.

She’s worried I’m gonna use her love, I’m worried she’ll abuse mine

Tell me what you want using confidence

Don’t just stand a few hesitant feet away asking why I won’t come to you

I want remembrance of you making the first move, then we’ll switch every morning

Start anew until walking around naked is casual to us.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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