Saxophone Accompaniment

Humming closing in so balance is almost here.

Whispers are cute but I’m ready for direct communication.

Already know how interest has been among our laughs.

I want to become yours and taste these kisses at last.

Highly sexual and loving too I’m now convinced we will go far.

Masturbated with you as the star and I hope you’ve done the same using my name.


Eager brain and eager genitalia

Can you be the vessel a passionate heart pours into

Are you willing to do more than talk

Willing to build logical foundations


I don’t want to take advantage of you.

Plainly I want to fuck and love until my heart is through.

Cuddles instead of cheating or immaturity.

Want to live inside you while you do the same.

Budge pressing, mind undressing, loyalty in empathy.


Break, the rules

Come for me I’ve been waiting

Too scared to say anything first

Break rules and find me

Treat my right and your search for a partner will end

We’ve been fucked over, let’s not repeat it.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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