No Melanie

Melanie I’m sorry

I just can’t wear these masks

Oh we had a good run yeah

I’m calling for a curtain close

Done with fighting, I’m dry

Haven’t initiated sex because, desire has died

Barely look at your face because I’m ready to say goodbye

I don’t need a non-working roommate bringing positivity down

Are you serious, I should, be drooling over whom

Your efforts thus far fit inside one hand securely

Oh it hurts you to think maybe faith without works is dead

Freeze then blame random scapegoats as you dare

Melanie I still want you but until things change I can’t stay

Of course I’ll miss you

Still I’ll be so happy with someone with more experience

Understand themselves, able to give as they take

A real lover I won’t have to beg

A real independent woman taking care of herself

Or at least trying

Not just watching in silence while I’m dying.

Melanie I wish the best for you and anyone who doesn’t mind providing all your needs

Hearing all sorts of muddiness from your sincere face.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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