Coffin Dependency

Vampire situation

Constantly draining

I’ve ran out of everything

Only empty stares back

You’ve got it so hard

Extracting resources

When I’m empty I hear

Should have earned more for us

Won’t think and cannot mature

Fucking vampires.

Gotta break connection

Already out of my system

Can’t do anything for someone doing nothing

Oh but promises float

This is downhill fuckery

Cannot pretend this is fair

Unable to translate

Into wasted opportunity language

Sucking my happiness dry

You asked it well why are you still here

Unable to see any damage

Because it’s all over here.

Smoking the same but no help

Eating until nothing is left

In my house while in sweating at work

House just another clubhouse

Wondering after my blood is drawn

Why I’m so cold

More distant and unsatisfied

Speak complaints

Then speak partnership

Tired of hearing how you’re mistreated

Can’t blame you nothing is faulty

So why are you sucking everything from me?

Roll those pretty vampire eyes

Bleed everyone dry

Oh I’m torture

Ripping your self esteem down

Unable to fund life

While you hide

Lying to have anything left for myself

While you hide

I go out

I try to win

Go do it over and over

While your pinkies stay up

Drinking my poor rich blood.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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