Keychain In Question

Seen a ghost across from a pretty distraction

It makes sense, attraction then bad reactions it always happens before a breakthrough

Weak point, this love, dragging weak minds underneath for thrashing

Upgrade because now you know worth and deserve an ultra lover perk

Working life without being an actual zombie among zombies

Not dissing because different characters have different universes

Peace to you I wish no ignorance as a result I’ve been leveling up perception

Aware the death card isn’t scary, new day finally strength to the weary.


Both meant to travel new shores although not together I suppose

Waving then looking ahead, find what you want don’t let it be unsaid

I’m going off in a different direction, life coming in clearer here

Looking at a friend turned stranger again

Is this me when I post because this isn’t anything like me at all.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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