Western Leaves Leave In Haste Bringing Fresh Rain

Western winds call me away from deteriorating performances

Already out so I don’t feel guilty looking around for a new sunrise

Taught a lesson with a heart upon rusted spikes pretending to be my pillow

Flakes falling in a western wind encouraging a total wipe of everything I hold tight

Preparing transition into solitary shoreline nights, in and out, will good love and I build a better lighthouse

If any can stay instead of retreating when responsibility and efforts are due drop a clue and discover poetic devotional hugs

Okay it’s good, finally opened my head so I see, it’s not really me it’s stepping on unknown ground

No I won’t ask anymore, no I don’t want to challenge your comfort zones, stay

Another change of season under way and I’m looking forward to more than talk.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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