Garbage Post: Poem: Skipping Notes

Eager to reach out without hesitation of course in written form planting seeds for harvest power harnessed until I came to senses rearmed internal defenses against intruders meaning the idea of you.

Flattery will get the invitation while intelligence and kindness get longevity finally understanding dependability outstanding in demanding times we’ll do whatever it takes proceed in victory.

Tell me how money is just paper until payday when I’m short so are we unable to reach an agreement agreeable to financial needs my knees bleed these days an atheist prays for logical discernment rays cycles caught turn into plays challenges testing names chasing around the same pole games.

Don’t tell em, I’m going to change my name into something wonderful, burning whenever they talk trash, falling backwards may they gasp previously rated trash upwards in dash live inside a lab justified off the top rope blasts, Jeremiah don’t tell em.

Personality splashes without overwhelming digestion plus keep in mind face to face or written pages better for discussion in need of permanent marker moments.

Half credit is terrible and I’m far from amused concerning imbalance mixed denial kissed with immaturity garnish however real effort boosts confidence, it earns so many points.

Dizzy foaming mouth.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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