Transmission Missing So Listen I Concluded Then Walked Until I Fell Apart But First,


I feel happy outside after inside needs taken care of first

Bubbles bursts when we refuse to schedule fifty fifty

Asked for too much getting almost nothing now

Bitterness seal with resentment adhesive sealing the deal

Funny how that “I’m an onion” line is funny but also true dummy

Crummy when tension are weighted blankets and tears

I’m so moody when I’m upset hugs cannot happen


You know I rather have unity

But if I’m being a jackass then you know serious is wrong

Time to move on when we’re like whatever

Get over it dumbass and act correctly under unfair roles

Sleep like water matress filled with huge holes

Flat, face reactions until we find new tracks

Humans are so confused and yeah that it includes me too

General Hypocrite

Part time correct, light perfectionist

I.N.F.J shit

Paradoxical gifts.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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