Time Tarnished By Time

My greatest hits

Will be spoiled

If you choose my exit

Check it

The happy ones I’ve posted,

Suddenly roasted

Like hahaha you fuck

Bitch ass you suck

Lamest A B C rhyming eating your own shit you did yuck

Just my imaginations and I’ve never anything more but it’s a chore after bad times like I think superpowers exist, mind and wrists

I guess these scars were just games for you? No.

See, I fight possible scenarios out via poem or song

Face expressions because emotions are being held for processing

Yet I have to explain but no I know what it means

I’ll be overthinking shit or narrowing down imagined scenes

My greatest hits as blasphemy

Already gone, so slick, they blow raspberries.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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