Low Shoulders

Entering, an active construction zone

Agreeableness, too expensive to afford

When all is smooth, questions filed underneath

All is good, despite secretly grinding teeth

See I’ve been, a crutch they prefer and like

Big words, production always lost

Smoke screens in attempts to restrict air

Became a enemy, after making certain cycles clear

Efforts unbalanced yet I’m supposed to cheer


Looks like we’ll be going to different places

Swear I tried waiting for flowers to break concrete

Somehow I became an enemy, so much for being best friends

Painted as everyone else, lost, withered

A terrorist when I stop accepting doctor’s notes for taking without giving

Finally ran out of wallpaper to cover these huge holes

Now acidic bitterness and resentment rains constantly

Once cherished now sickening and annoying, sight of my face, way I’m changing

While stagnant water becomes their favorite drink

Big words

Oh pretty big words reflecting light

Not good enough anymore.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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