Lover Sticky Sex Adhesive

Unable to understand throwing hint daggers instead of direct requests.

Say if orgasms are wanted, filing paperwork or tuning into hidden suggestive channel signals required.

Maybe it’s too submissive in overthinking fear territory concerning showing pretty petals hidden between those legs.

Highly annoyed hearing well I didn’t know if you wanted to cum, only supplier no there’s no one else witnessing these erections.

Love you in multiple ways and aligning my three parts up while exposed strengthens this joyful union.


Aroused in erotic throbbing thoughts.

Fascinated by your personality and sexuality, mouth watering for you, only you.

Scrapbook of every orgasm achieved, preventing fallacies improving perception while navigating fleeting bitter cold seconds.

Eye contact increasing in importance after every cum kiss sticks to long term memory.

How can deep well loving lovers keep hands and mouths from one another if the passion is really real, when I hear cum for me depression dries, peels away.


Appreciating every curve, enjoying sweet salty skin on this eager tongue, sticky anticipation oozing, rejections none.

I can conquer this forsaken world after being in a warm place meditating, taking turns presenting bodies for blessings.

Oh our faces reveal this want and feel more important than easily prepared words, breathing heavily in satisfaction.

Is it scary admitting arousal, need, want from me, shouldn’t be as I want unfiltered ambition to a rhythm outside just as fantasise of you within.


Who told you to be ashamed of that beautiful body and gorgeous mind.

Masturbated and still do thinking of you sucking, whispering, riding, swallowing, moaning without inhibitions.

Daydreaming of emptying this sexual safe in you, on you, with you, it’s better than any drug I’ve taken.

Other offers, requests, but you’re chosen, Stick with me we’ll get so sticky, dark chocolate potion.

Looking into your eyes because this is real.

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