Container Alterations

Mistakes choking my neck

Separated from required perfection

Surrending to victim mentality circles, criticalness

Backwards thinking forward walking into ditches

Regret weak as I continue knowingly pathetically, wilfully

Mistakes choking my voice.


I’m a moody hypocrite squandering every gift

Bad mind healing although I usually act fate-sealed like

Unable to meet my own standards

Restraining myself.


Tossed in deception

Shaken in guilty loops

Even after knowing better

Felt betrayed by every single lying red letter

Empty envelopes but yet, but regardless

Still can’t blame anyone else as I sit idling by

Being entertained blaming other legs, refusing mine

And other issues but I never tell all

Unable to even trust myself

Yet gotta be my own help

Choking mistakes.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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