Baking Soda Cereal

Trained specifically to fail, raised as an example of victim programming code named assail

Damned, I’m supposed to approach a merciless god holding up my handcuffed hands

Physically beaten in a former life, mentally beat in this one, revolutionary path destiny begun

Program initiated with answers eliminated demonstrated various variables without references

Many dreams of that all white room, flooding with pure black death flowing in under a locked door as I await non-existence, become numb more.

Unworthy of explanations, traveling on a rock easily cancelled among constellations

Lacking any literary accreditation information, told everything wrong must be white people or Satan, many deceptions exposed lies blatant

Passive aggressive? No I always tell the deal but somehow get accused

Charges? Lip sealed yeah I understand manipulation when instead of partnership I find receipts, all mine, in our trash cans

Everyone says I’m so fucking awesome but it means nothing, I’m still broke plus my bathroom is empty when sharp razors find my left arm, it tempts me, bad way to cope

If any god is real, disappointment spiel, violation given with an unjustified zeal, fate already sealed, no opportunities for appeal, bastard doesn’t even honor requests regarding a last meal, truly a heel

Never question your creator enjoy every minute of confusion, these beautiful paintings of illusions, blessings found via bruising, I bet good and evil find us so amusing

Hahaha then death, then torture masterbation, in a theater near nowhere popcorn and towels waiting for showtime, product of betting with souls clothesline.


Preaching unauthorized seasonings exposing false reasoning I’m dealing with and dealing in curses relieved by poetic verses my wallet empty but mind loaded

It’s no Biggie, they pray and pray for my downfall anyway faithfully, reports from unknown sources delivered then analyzed considered

I function in paradoxical air, caring more as I say I don’t care, heart sleeve exposed, bare

Humans wait until after loss to appreciate gifts so if I give something to you then withdraw say thanks for the lift direct from lips and yes I can shoot from the hip

Bastard radio riding this cleverly disguised ship called Earth.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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