Dry Fire

Let us smile while dodging truths and attempts to wake up

You’re damaged goods, so am I, so here we are together

Gotta be where you want me to be, doing what you find acceptable

Comfortable in my presence, draining air from sails then lungs

I’ve failed to be your complete solution

Never was intended to meet every need

Patterns of black hole suction ways

Honey we can’t run from ourselves

Just need to be Superman no pressure

Errors inside my blood so high

How do we know time to revalue yeah revaluate

When you’re tugging and pulling instead of working together

I’m damaged goods and so are you

Expectations through our roof

Games played don’t act like I’m out of clues

When I see it I just turn my head because saying anything is too much

Every stab in my chest is justified, fires thirsty for fuel die.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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