Garbage Post: By A Third Take

Butterfly future if we can transition

Pause programming while choosing to listen

Teacher is there a different place for me

One deserving enough for nirvana celebrations

Under water currently because I’m more than number one I’m my own enemy

Holding my own hand back from changes because sinking has become comfortable

Arise champion.

Truth vitamins requested

Interested I’m a behind the scenes man I’ll take knowledge

Wisdom allows sharper arrows with patience calculations precise

Virtually kissing and tucking enemies at night through mental instabilities manipulated

Illustrated and illustrate mentality freeing system resources to mediate.

Friends untimely choices arise

Hidden underneath past roads, some paved

Popularity everything to flash but to construction people hearty laughs temporary comfort quick to go bye

Whole souls now garbage for temporary sensations we all get it

Lottery ticket after disappointments yeah I get it for a glimmer of wealth

Fuck anyone talking if it’s not self, building buildings underneath buildings for the fire rain, missiles

Choices in the wrong times and I think we’ve done this before

Every scenario ends in death while we’re still poor.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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