After My Baptism

Asked if I believe in gods while being stabbed, hope grabbed from a very young age is this a trap

Wrapped in political lies being told I’m more dangerous than a government ensuring citizens of all skin colors, especially mine, cry

I past time by contemplating suicide, smoking weed to ignore physical and mental pain but I want a better way to live no lie, don’t really want to die

Slavery carried on by parental whippings, instead I needed connections and conversations as a result I hate myself


Instead of finding trust at home, found home alone, dad alive but our relationship is virtually absent, hug but still strangers it’s tragic

I found god then found the truth, gods only listen when ten percent tithes come through along with sacrifice, turning the other cheek while fellow Christians called me nigger at night

All colors people, not just white, saying nigga instead still didn’t and doesn’t feel right, to me, taught one month of black history

Fuck away asking why I’m an agnostic atheist, can’t even breathe without in god we trust thrusts yelled during a peaceful god’s follower saying super predator amen

Born again, to be hated and killed again, baptism.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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