When We Hung Love Notes


Like poems I used to put on our walls


This path isn’t ideal

Codependency ruins love

If it actually existed.


Exit love

New place to hangout

Never any reason to commit

Exit love

Whatever and whoever takes care of you

When the funds dry up the vagina does too.


Great body and mind

Just clueless while her lover dies

Anything to avoid discomfort

Can’t believe forever was discussed

Now the answer is hell no

Some people aren’t built for true love

Signs like stop revealed

Virtually our disconnection sealed

Please stop asking how this feels

Unworthy of responsible changes


If anyone sees you cry at my funeral

Hope they slap your ass to the ground

Couldn’t do shit while I was here

Stop fucking acting like you couldn’t do anything

Just for the record I don’t blame you

I blame myself

Shouldn’t have went on potential

Silly me thinking anything would change

Signs ignored

I’m paying the price now, don’t want my life.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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