Trees Down On A Few Flowers

Left for dead in a personal fire pit

Finally able to see what reaching out gets

Under bridges with passerbys yawning and it’s colder in summer as reactions expose ice

Frozen in fear whenever it’s hot I got shot blank to trusting heart and whenever I try expression darkness revealed in a double blessing

What level is this, in which, talk is greater than action, reaction, simply cease asking.


Yeah I would look up into the sky,

Asking just how special I could be.

Boy I thought all good things come to those,

Those who try.


I want to be in Washington State helping a flower become wonderful, after whatever end,

Said after wiping tears away.


Tell me another joke of how you run away.

Couldn’t stand to see me burning.

Wouldn’t dare to help me out.

Don’t even know water at all.

Said after wiping angry tears away.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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