Scars Tell Stories

Another sunset mocking my nine to five sentence impartial regardless of my witness for instance resistance is calling

Falling deep inside of irritability carefully selected to disagree or devil’s advocate skating on thin ice, like everyone, say no I’m not

Buried in mental defects still with enough sense to respect daily fighters doing whatever,

Yoga, blunts and grape soda, better grips trying to hold cause belief in self slippery especially when a single late bill ends history

They say daydreaming leads to prosperity and empty bank accounts mean lazy fast cars only have one seat.


Maybe this is why,

I think of good days and ways to die,

Strength just good enough to,

Lift my head for another wave crashing idiotic redemption dreams never happen meanwhile death’s finger snap, end

I’ve been holding myself back for so long so baby so long I’ll go,

Into my submission without fear finally clear as black ink on this resignation without any further hesitation,

My life has been shit, and I’ve tired to stay alive been dead for several years flesh somehow moving in stride while mind say fuck this, bye.

Maybe this is why.


Hang in there,
For me

Suffer another day
Smile the entire way
While crying in corners
Imaginary help added haste,
Matter of time then everyone will be safe
Including lost souls
Jesus gonna pack us some holy spirit bowls
Blunts and joints then we’ll gain control,
Hands slipped, I can’t hold

Buddy, hang on
Maybe this is why I’m still here

Saving people from my curse,
Verse by verse,
Lines of warning or maybe regret
Before I finally pull a trigger, pages wet

Into my submission without fear finally clear as black ink on this resignation without any further hesitation.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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