Fool’s Gold Payday

When I’m down there no reason for you to stay

Only here when I offer gifts and play

Lately I’ve been so angry because people think of me as Mr. Doormat

Emotional vampires always coming for my tender neck.

When the checking account is empty and I’m bankrupt for two weeks

Smiles continue until the next robbery in two weeks

Responsibility encoded can’t decipher self-sufficiency

I have nothing and I’m judged when I try to escape this hell as they say I’m too weak for weeks.

Don’t want to be a burden but with me it’s alright

Scared to do anything but taking my shit is alright

I see it in your eyes whenever I can’t buy things

Not upset I’m empty just upset I can’t buy something else

Never had to support a building on your own

So you stay a visitor until it’s time to do anything then you’re gone.

When I said I’d die for you I fucked up

Clearly any attempt to assist isn’t worth your efforts

I’ll be dead and you’ll move onto an account deemed better.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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