Temperature Change For Summer

You win this round without hesitation or resistance as I’ve walked so far away I can’t feel anything.

Watched joy turn into acceptable, my face turned away when focus is applied to everything minus what we need.


Changes in temperature, lukewarm efforts towards efforts.

Asking too much while hiding behind reinforced walls and I can’t say a goddamn thing if it doesn’t make you number one.


Nothing like struggling with rolling eyes sucking happiness faster, higher than anyone else but really clueless to such a drain.

Family traits, yeah the world is all for you, everything that you do is perfection logically who can argue?

Setbacks aren’t my fault but I can’t tell when I’m dragged under dull stars I once worshipped, all I feel these days when I can’t give you things is my time has ended.


I’m not ready to be everything, I’m not designed to be everything to anyone.

No I’m not ready to sacrifice everything, pieces don’t always fall where we want.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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