So Tell Us About Yourself Sir

I’m a loser almost ready to die without many reasons to try regarding living I’m the big hearted dummy broke but still giving while suffering, brain constantly buffering

If any gods exist they stay mad easily, easily pissed, why care about me human nine six billion five three in a sea unseen screaming see me before torment, fuck you is all I heard during past appointments

Angels visited my dreams twice and I’ve seen time stop but still belief unavailable, guess I’ve been broken by the invisible figurative rock locked inside with torment, it never stops

Suicide and depression give blowjobs asking if I’ll stay forever because maybe I’m backwards and a self inflicted gunshot can save my life, escort to paradise

Boy I’m in deep shit, sewer smells real nice, we all float down here, I’m married to insignificance Satan threw rice, Not a penny wise even after saving many lives, I can save you but can’t save myself, weed helps.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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