Remind Me Of This Unimportance

Remind me,

I’m no one.

Remind me,

When I care, look up in the apathetic sky wondering why I’m still alive I’m no one.


Social security number nothing else I’ve always wondered why,

Why I exist when I’m no one,

Invaluable the opposite.

Remind me,

When I’m asking why me,

I’m nothing,


Die tomorrow completely erased.




Draining resources causing shortages

Oh let’s see how low I get

Promises but delivering regret

They say I’m invited but I don’t believe that shit

Hide in my box

Hide in my mind

Stare in the mirror like I’ll kill myself just give me time

Disconnected from programming

Backup self delete process jamming

Any attempt to see

Cutter, self abuser, yet I know better believe me

Sad I’m not the only one

What happened to us?

Yesterday we were climbing trees now we’re smoking them to breathe

Remind me to run

Find a place silence isn’t disturbed

Maybe I can come back

Smile fully sincere

Instead of collect masks crying when no one hears

I thought I was special once until the truth cleared

Now I know better and it’s worse than I feared

Flesh bag of waste and disappointing to all peers

Forgot I’m worthless

Just for a second

Smile on my face until depression locked me up via violation I’m arrested

Yeah you guessed it

Given a punishment of caring for uninterested until empty


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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