Religion For Outcasts First Draft

Of course I dreamed of being special

Blessed from unseen beings for a purpose higher than any human understanding

Demanding prayers seemed a deal, for everlasting dancing in an air conditioned safe place, holiness sealed

Created with unknown stats, a chosen sim, beat other sperm to win, looked upon by saviors as a sure choice to win

Given tools rivaling Thor’s hammer, afraid of the sea but willing to walk it for a gentle voice

Same one condemning my enemies to an eternity of regret for testing a prophet

Clouds designed for my enjoyment bringing focus, boosted dedication, wearing the whole armor, roaring then speaking in tongues, holy water drinks for demons they didn’t want none

But gods, explain why they spit on my skin? Why did they call my nigger then spit again?

Gods, why did they call a friendly child a super predator then do the running man for votes saying Democrats love me but no one does?

Gods why did my side of town look like shit and the government who worships y’all claim my skin color means I’m less than shit?

Can’t attend churches together, keep to your own kind, my kind is mankind, they say naw nigger that’s mine

Silent heavens ripped my faith, even new testament gods were like yay slavery, beat a slave for a respectful base

Ten percent given to my attacker or curses onto my children plus holy disasters, I suppose revelation should have been concluded with thanks master

Of course I thought gods were leading to me to testify, prayers for everyone, especially those praying I died

Gave my last dollars to the poor ended up a forsaken soul like my mother and fuck every single god for her death, painful suffering

The only blessing in existence is when you realize this is a solo effort masked in lies, greed, power, control, false promises awarded after body cold

Gave me the pen and I’ll pick pearly gates letting everyone in, I thought I was special once, seasons end.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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