Lint Roller

Real feelings exposed and I like it

Tell me true feelings I’m excited

This makes it easier to see our downfall

Blind to partnership just like the others I once called

Happy to stay seated while I fall then blame me

Instead of dealing with your faults it’s so much easier being mad at me clearly

Say be honest and when it happens arrogance

Surely you’re human but unfortunately designed to be alone

One day I’m going to be blunt finally tired keeping peace

I’m the one in pieces motivation deceased

Tears hidden in pillows, tightened leash

You’re everywhere but here, sparks decreased.


This is real life with real bills and I keep shit to myself because they’re asking for judgements not respect not to help

Immaturity in us but at least I’m trying, no one gonna bail me out, earn hope or bruises while they point but can’t do it

Turning me into the man I need to be, showing some people want all I have for free, using until I’m done

Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run brings upgrades, so yeah come talk shit but in certain situations you rather take a grave instead of changing

I’m done waiting.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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