Pretending Love Humans

I’ll lie on the record for your record, anything you want I’ll even be disrespected to stay connected

Sit while on fire to avoid fighting, when you ask if I was upset no means I’m lying

Only smiles and all smiles around here until you disappear and I finally find air labelled clear, breaking my heart tear after tear

Hidden punches to brick walls, coming clean worse than kicks to sensitive scrotum, balls

Pretending this is Paradise while simultaneously planning ending own life, obviously this is all my fault

Honey, I’ve got a giant safe locked in vaults, you’ll never find the real me unless your whole heart is involved

We know it’s not, I believed it was before but that’s been dissolved, cause of my new wrist cutting solved

Back to the pretending humans show after commercials for antidepressants and weed stop, we picked each other up but guess I’ve been dropped.

It’s okay, I’ll do it, sit down and complain how nothing changes while I wonder how we became strangers after conversations of power

Dragging my energy down by hours, emptying my bank account like hey I like being broke have you noticed lately that I need more smoke

Gotta keep this up, maybe one day you’ll truly give a damn but in the meantime I’m fucked so bad yeah I truly am

Damn whenever I try suggestions get two shots of whatever to the ears, or I don’t understand the language something isn’t coming clear, another replica of fears playing with my heart.

We’ll just pretend.

Say oh yeah it’s cool because otherwise I’ll get the sword again.

Neck off, headless.

Humans pretending on some kill me dead shit.


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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