Give Hands In Church

Teach me worth

Refuse dedication unless there’s a prize, tunnel vision shit, I’m dying, I’m sick

Whatever, never look to another for a lift, covered in curses, dirtiest pit

Writing energy to myself, better than using a sharp razor, it doesn’t help

Scars and scars, internal bars served as designer delicious burns, my heart turns grievously, I’ll learn hopefully now, failed previously

Erasing expectations in others, they have all failed faith causes cuts as one suffers, no warning if I decide I’m better under

Daily I wonder if death is the best final destination versus liars, sweet killers, government sponsored hate printed, glitter flyers, ignorant booming speakers.


Teach me worth

I’m negative, I’m in the negative

Marijuana then sedatives

Pointless like they say I am

Tell me your experienced being dammed and damned

Give hands.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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