Death Before Your Hug

Give away everything at this defining moment

Don’t say a word, arms placed down and stiff

Escaping tears pointless, are they ribbons of happiness

End near.

This is what you’ve been seeking while sleeping, depression creeping into sheets, masturbating defeat at sad swollen feet

Every week repeat, emotions leaning towards weak sadness winner full sweep, sweetness bitter as thoughts litter nowhere beach

Reaching out prevented by an impressive impending casket your god’s bastard thrashed, all of my hope cashed dented and dashed while no one above or below gasped

Humans and deities are trash

Death before my hug like drugs before happiness, fights before understanding, losing everything before a lover realizes what happened

Painting in blood of no lost blood while bleeding out, screaming at someone yelling please don’t shout, erasing a masterpiece to obtain peace secretly

Mad as in upside-down, box curricular instead or drowning around in circles, inside blue and oxygen LSD purple

End near.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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